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The Next Generation of Recruiters

Due to massive technological development we are witnessing a shift in required competence, work tasks and roles. Recruitment has for too long been a game of who knows who, which school you went to and how well you are able to present yourself - All of which are not the main predictors of job performance. The recruitment industry is due for renewal.

At the very core of every business’ success lies the effort and competence of the people that shape the business. Human capital is arguably the most valuable asset of most businesses and it is therefore of essence to make sure you have the right people for the right job in the right place if you want your business to thrive.

Kvant Consulting came to life in January 2020, and was born from the idea that potential can be quantified by combining industry knowledge with a data driven approach, which increases the probability of finding the right person for the job. Kvant is challenging a well-established industry with the purpose of raising the standards of the recruiting game, bringing it to the 21st century. The company is a portfolio company of Skeil which specializes in developing ventures within the human capital domain.

Ole Kristian Lohnaas is the CEO and co-founder of Kvant Consulting.

Ole Kristian Lohnaas is the CEO and co-founder of Kvant Consulting.

Quantifying potential to find the perfect fit.

Ole Kristian Lohnaas was hired in December as the CEO of Kvant and will - together with co-founders, Jørgen Iversen and Tor Daneshmand - work to create a new wave in the nordic recruitment market. With experience from the management consulting and financial services, Ole is committed to create an improved recruitment service for clients in Oslo.

“We want to make recruitment more digital, data-driven and efficient. Kvant will help businesses acquire top talent, and support candidates to reach their potential by helping them make the right decisions for their career.”

Finding the right candidate is no longer a story of what the candidate has done, but what he or she is capable of doing - by quantifying this potential Kvant is able to better predict job performance and enable businesses to make qualified and objective hiring decisions.

Whilst the recruitment industry is still highly affected by coincidences, subjective bias, and exaggerated emphasis on CV and experience,  the “Kvant process” eliminates subjective misjudgement and directs the focus to the competencies that predicts high job performance. The process allows businesses to identify the extraordinaires from the ordinaries. The main goal; enabling businesses to apply this methodology - ultimately creating more efficient and productive businesses.
Kvant will focus on the financial sector and management consulting,  in order to ensure a core team that understands the business and their demand for competence

“Kvant’s vision is to quantify potential to the benefit of businesses and candidates. Finding the right person for your business is not an easy task and there are countless pitfalls along the way. We provide a structured, measurable, unbiased and efficient methodology that enables businesses to better understand what they need, who they need, how to find them and ultimately how to make the best hiring decision.”

Let's improve the recruitment process and help companies catch up with the times.

Kvant will be a fresh breath of air, entering a room where the air has been still for a bit too long. Recruitment is about getting the most out of people and businesses by placing the right person in the right position. Hiring the wrong person is one of the most expensive mistakes you can make, so why leave it to chance?

Our new generation of recruiters focuses on how to put more people in the right positions in order to increase value creation, using data and technology to achieve it in an efficient way with less risk. It is time for the recruitment business to catch up with the rest of the world.

In need to find the best potential out there? Contact the Kvant team at to discuss how they can help your business scale through the right hires!


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